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  メリークリスマス(英語の勉強はお休みです)- Christmas Special (12/24/05)

station81.comからクリスマスプレゼントです。曲 "If Every Day Were Christmas" by podsafeforpeace.org (music.podshow.com)です。この曲の売り上げはユニセフに寄付されるようになっています。...

  人生の波 - Episode 0016 (12/20/05)

Everybody goes up, and comes down, at some level. May not be bankrupt, but then come down, from economy... not get taxes on time... loose a job... So, life restitute, It's a, ah.... It's a... It ...

  危険な夜のダウンタウン - Episode 0015 (12/13/05)

It's very dangerous, Police is on, but it's very dangerous. As long as serial killer is out here, and there is lot of maniac, lot of drug addict. Lot of filth, who ...

  クラブに行く前の盛り上がり - Episode 0014 (12/06/05)

クラブに行く前の気持ちなどを聞いてみました Calling someone's cell phone, "Where are you? Is that packed? It that choppy?" It's just everything like, being outside people are getting excite about it. You see people on the road, you s...

  煙草撲滅運動家 - Episode 0013 (11/29/05)

煙草撲滅運動家に話を聞きました。 Off the cigarette. Now listen, on the label, you see on pack of Marlboro says "General Warning" says cigarettes causes birth defect, causes Emphysema something like that. That's is not real truth, that...

  非常時に必要な言い訳の力 - Episode 0012 (11/22/05)

If you can't talk you away from situation, you are going to jail,
how simple is that!
And I got gift a gap abilities to talk your way up out of situation.
No matter your are in a handcuff, in ...

  ストリートでのお金の稼ぎ方 - Episode 0011 (11/15/05)

Prices went up on cans, bottles, plastics....
It's cool right now.
I walk out, I walk around for an hour, make 12 to 15 dollars.
You know. That is cool.
Ah, then I t...

  ロサンゼルスの裏事情(改訂版) - Episode 0010 (11/07/05)

Once you hooked, people make billions.
no matter it is dollar or dime.
They steal to get this here drugs. It can be cigarette,
dope does, hooked on don't weed. They sell dope to smo...

  ホームレスのお宅にお邪魔してみました - Episode 0009 (10/31/05)

ホームレスのお宅にお邪魔してみました This is hand, my attude adjustment, when starts mess with me, you know,
When they get mad, but keep away from my house.
And back, this is... always tissu... you know.
Might want someone t...

  ロサンゼルスのアンダーグラウンドシーン - Episode 0008 (10/24/05)

It took me a long time to break into, like the L.A. underground scene
I mostly did a mian stream club so far...
but, the vibe fro me...and the attention is always been,
when you go...

  カントリーがレイブになるか? - Episode 0007 (10/17/05)

I like country. (Some country.... I never had country rave yet.)
You can.... You can rave country! You can do it.
Fast forward, speed up... little Para Para Para... You kno...

  今何をやってるの? - Episode 0006 (10/10/05)

What am I doing? I'm waiting my disability to be approved. Rest is i have cancer, I have about 10 minitues to live. And I'm on the street, I have worked for fucking 3 months.An...

  エレクトロニックミュージックのイメージについて - Episode 0005 (10/04/05)

Actualy, more popular in other county beside in United States.
In United Sates, as kind a stigma attached to electrical music,
which, crew are tring to put the side...
becasue we don'...

  ストリートでのある日のできごと - Episode 0004 (09/20/05)

I sleep over the temple, like in a doorway...
Kick us out there, out of me, at a rain.... Kick us out there...
ah... sellp in the alley and then....
somebody will complain, and po...

  クラブミュージックについて - Episode 0003 (09/04/05)

Music is high. We don't need anything else. You Know... enjoy the music.
It's all about having good time, meeting new people... You know.
It's not about, Oh, let's g...

  イラク戦争について - Episode 0002 (08/07/05)

I'm patriotic. I love this country.
I imagine, just you love your country.
But, as far as following, when they say we are going to war.
Lokks like, he (President Bush) is ...

  連邦保険制度への意見 - Episode 0001 (06/29/05)

今日の単語 Suffering Shuit ...

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